The most popular smartphone brands in South Africa

Samsung is the most popular smartphone brand in South Africa, with nearly 50% of the market share.

According to GlobalStats Statcounter data, Samsung’s vendor market share is 49.08%.

Chinse manufacturer Huawei is the second most popular smartphone vendor in South Africa, with an 18.89% mobile vendor market share.

Apple comes in third, with a 17.56% market share.

Chinese brands Xiaomi and Oppo are in fourth and fifth with market shares of 2.77% and 2.62%, respectively.

The mobile vendor market share in South Africa is below:

When looking at a global scale, Samsung is the second most popular smartphone brand.

Apple’s 27.11% mobile vendor market share narrowly beats Samsung’s 26.74% to the spot worldwide.

Chinese brands Xiaomi (12.3%), Oppo (6.87%) and Vivo (5.3%) complete the top five.

Despite being the second most popular vendor in South Africa,  Huawei’s global market share of 4.84% sees it in sixth place.

The mobile vendor market share worldwide is below:

Market Commentary 

Despite the cost of living crisis affecting most South Africans in 2022, premium smartphones saw impressive growth in the later stages of the year.

As reported by ITWeb, Justin Hume, vice-president of mobile experience at Samsung South Africa, said that the company saw growth in its premium model range.

The S22 Ultra – the top-end device in the S22 series – made up 50% of the range’s sales, according to Hume.

In 2023, Samsung expects to see growth as it focuses more on its premium category with the launch of the Galaxy S23 series.

Samsung may be positive for the year ahead, but the dire economic conditions expected for the year will see high-end customers forced down to mid-range categories.

Cellucty’s Christopher Henschel said that the R4,000 to R8,000 device range category had seen exceptional growth, with consumers prioritising the value and specifications of mid-tier phones.

“With load-shedding, people are more reliant on a quality screen and good battery life to keep them entertained when the lights go out,” Henschel said.

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